About Advancing Missouri Athletes

Who is Advancing Missouri Athletes?

Advancing Missouri Athletes (AMA) is a private entity formed in 2021 in response to the legislation that now allows collegiate athletes the opportunity to benefit from their name, image and likeness.  AMA is a stand-alone entity, independent of Mizzou, but its mission is to serve Tiger athletes and their programs by connecting them with NIL opportunities. 

The organization got its start thanks to generous private gifts and is now ready to encourage participation from all Tiger fans.All costs to administer the collective are covered by donors, meaning that every dollar contributed by fans goes directly to Mizzou’s athletes.

What are benefits of participating?

Advancing Missouri Athletes provides fans with the ability to help their favorite athletes earn compensation for their name, image, and likeness. Memberships include perks such as:

Are you ready to participate?

Frequently Asked Questions

AMA was created because new legislation allows us to come together with private donors, organizations, business leaders and individual fans to help benefit Mizzou athletes and programs through NIL opportunities.

This is the new reality in college athletics, and we’re determined to not only be in the game, but to be a major player in the game. We believe Mizzou has a golden opportunity to win at a big level with this opportunity.

We all know it’s been established that winning big enhances the University’s mission and exposure. After the big success of the 2007 Mizzou Football team, for example, enrollment was up, and the University acknowledged that football played a significant role.

Missouri athletes are encouraged to seek all NIL opportunities, as there are many outstanding entities out there doing great work, and we’re all pulling in the same direction in the end to support Mizzou. However, we believe that Advancing Missouri Athletes is the best option for Tiger fans to make the biggest impact, both now and well into the future.

A very important point is that AMA is separate from the Athletic Department. We make our own decisions.

All NIL contracts are commensurate with name, image and likeness values for the athletes, and it’s our place to help them find the best opportunities out there that they can partner with.

NIL law prohibits compensation paid to athletes to encourage attendance at a particular institution. AMA welcomes the opportunity to work with the athlete once they are enrolled.

The coach can give examples of current arrangements as a sample of future possibilities, but no specific figures are discussed with AMA until after the athlete has signed with Mizzou.

Great thanks go out to State Representative and former Tiger great offensive lineman Kurtis Gregory, who worked hard to get the bill through the Legislature. It undoubtedly makes Missouri one of the more progressive states related to NIL opportunities.

Thanks to this bill, coaches will be able to communicate with AMA about potential opportunities going forward.

AMA will not be publicizing contract details, but the athletes and organizations they are partnering with certainly can choose to do so.

Funds to AMA will go to support all athletes.

Fan participation will not be designated to a specific sport or athlete.

Contracts vary based on the athlete and the requirements associated with them. An athlete who has more in-person engagement would likely earn more compensation than others who were less involved. Higher profile athletes may also receive more than others, but every deal is individually negotiated and agreed up by the athletes and AMA.

All agreements between AMA and athletes are limited in time and scope in order to provide protection for member funds, should an athlete transfer away or was no longer participating in the program. Agreements are specifically structured to minimize the risks.

The efforts of the AMA team are initially going to be focused on the sports of football and basketball, with the intent to grow the collective into a very prosperous entity. Once AMA flourishes and is well-supported, this will extend to other sports.

All Mizzou athletes are encouraged to actively partner with AMA so that they can find the best NIL opportunities…

  • Our goal is to work complementary with TSF to make Mizzou more successful. Both entities can thrive with the support of fans…
  • Our belief is that if we’re strong in both areas, both will have long-lasting benefits.
  • We encourage everyone to give to both AMA and TSF if possible, as both are very beneficial for the student-athletes.

Individual contributions are not tax deductible, but contributions to AMA by businesses may be deductible. All contributors are encouraged to consult their tax advisor for details.

We’re a private enterprise and will not be publicizing those numbers. Rest assured that we are in great shape and off to a great start thanks to some outstanding fundraising efforts and generous gifts from individuals. 

We are not starting from scratch, thanks to those outstanding contributions, we’ve had some bigtime gifts come in early to get us jumpstarted, and while we’ll continue to fundraise larger gifts, our fans can now provide a huge impact on their own by participating.

  • We’re excited to have a team of leaders with great credibility, experience and character. Everyone involved with AMA has a great passion for Mizzou…
  • Public-facing members of the AMA team include Chief Executive Officer Greg Steinhoff, Executive Director Laurence Bowers, and Chief Operating Officer Bud Sasser. Steinhoff is a former Director of Economic Development for the State of Missouri, as well as a former executive with Veterans United Home Loans.  Mizzou fans will have great familiarity with both Bowers and Sasser, who were standouts for the Tigers during very successful runs for the sports of basketball and football, respectively.

Absolutely! We’re pleased to state that 100% of all fan contributions go directly to the athletes.  Thanks to the generous gifts of private donations, all costs associated with administering the collective is covered separately, and won’t impact fan contributions.

By contributing to AMA, you gain access to exclusive giveaways, events, and opportunities to interact with your favorite student-athletes. 

Absolutely.  We accept contributions from both individuals and businesses.  For more information, please contact us here.

We have the ability to facilitate these opportunities for businesses. AMA can assist with creative media and if desired, and all agreements will be reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance with NIL regulations. If your business is interested, contact us here.

You can log into your account and cancel any time here.  If you are having trouble accessing your account, you can contact us here.

We encourage potential participants in NIL to learn as much as they can about the legislation and how all sides can benefit from it.  To learn more from Mizzou’s perspective, please visit here.

You can follow AMA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on events and happenings, and to learn more about our participating student-athletes.