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Advancing Missouri Athletes is the Collective that unites Missouri players with fans. We enable athletes to earn compensation for their name, image, and likeness.

Currently accepting both individual and business contributions.

Bringing Missouri Sports to the New Era

Tiger fans – are you ready to shape the future of Missouri sports? It’s a new era. Individuals and Buinesses have the ability today to support student athletes like never before in the history of college athletics.

Advancing Missouri Athletes is a collective determined to match fans, brands, and local businesses together with Missouri athletes. The time is now, let’s win together.

The Legends Endorse AMA

Missouri is coming together to show support for AMA's mission

"Now, it’s our fans’ turn to impact the future of the program by participating in AMA – they can make a difference and help us return to competing for championships."
Gary Pinkel
"Participating with the Advancing Missouri Athletes collective helps us level the playing field. I encourage all Tiger fans to lend a hand."
Norm Stewart
"Our fans were so good to me in my time there, and I know they will rise to the challenge to support AMA and keep Mizzou competitive with NIL."
Markus Golden


Fans today can help their college teams in ways that were never possible before. Show your support and help athletes earn compensation from their name, image, and likeness.


Brands and local businesses, what are you waiting for? Advancing Missouri Athletes will help facilitate opportunities between athletes and your brand.

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